Bayonetta 2 Review

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Bayonetta 2

baye2-3-1One thought I left out is items no longer penalize your ranking. Though the difficulties do a great job at balancing for different skill levels, being able to spam items and get a Pure Platinum is a bit odd. Not in a substantial way–that stuff is for bragging rights, you should feel good whether the world knows or not!–but it’d be nice if there were something like an asterisk next to ranks you cleared by using a bunch of bubble shield. Some of this is just my Resident Evil/Devil May Cry roots of never save/never use first aid spray/never crack open a devil trigger star even if you’re gonna beat that boss on your first try, you won’t have done itĀ legitĀ you scrub go back to your cave, your pathetic scrub cave, where’s your S Rank did you leave it in your scrub cave.

Game’s fantastic, though. Really great.