Show #512: Are You Being Racist Or Is This A Vampire Thing?

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This show also known as: Shut Up, Jiminy Cricket!


The Evil Within is the 15th Coming of Survival Horror, the key important thing in this podcast is our Long Form Dissection of Stealth Games Then And Now. And don’t forget, Extra Life is happening next weekend (October 25th!)

Lightning?? Electricity?? I dunno!


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  • Darren84

    Glad you guys like Evil Within. It’s exactly how you described it, and just as good as it sounds. But just to be an annoyance, I’ll add that Henry Rollins’ spoken word material is actually really good, if you like anti-authoritarian, punk liberalism of the kind that he’s spitting out. Which I do. I don’t really find his views all that “sad,” there’s plenty of things to get mad about, even if you’re 55 years old and fairly successful! I think you never want to get too satisfied with things, too “complacent” (as an obnoxious, wannabe-“socialist” teenager might describe his middle-class parents). Still really like his stuff. But then again, I know you guys are seventy-five percent joshin’ most of the time anyway.

    • fastkarate

      When I put the thing at the end I was just talking about those bits he did for IFC, all of the ones I watched were pretty rough and lame.

      And yeah, as you say, just joshin’. :D He’s a fun target for silliness. Though we don’t talk about it as much as, say, we quote The Clash in every single podcast seemingly, we’re both really into that Black Flag/Minor Threat era of punk.But both Joel and I had heavily punk-inspired teenagers, so I think it’s safe to speak for him when I say that we both cleave towards that anti-authoritarian mindset. You’re totally right, there’s a ton of shit worth getting mad about, so maybe “sad” is a weird term to use. I definitely don’t hate The Roll, I just think the Open Letter stuff I’ve seen is pushing really hard at using edgy language. But I can dig hyperbole and I’m also cool with people pushing too hard–I’d much rather they do that than not push at all–sometimes I feel his anger is weirdly directed at strange targets. With his actual official spoken word stuff, I honestly don’t remember any of it. I haven’t listened to any of THAT Henry Rollins (or Jello Biafria, etc) in probably like ten years.

      Thanks for your very reasonable comment!

      • Darren84

        Thanks for the answer Dave, and thanks for considering it reasonable; too many people immediately get their hackles up at any kind of disagreement, especially on the internet! And I knew what you meant about his recent IFC stuff. Your punk cred is way more authentic than mine anyway. I know the big punk bands, but frankly it’s not really my scene as far as music goes, although the attitude has always appealed to me. I’d rather listen to Henry’s spoken word than his Black Flag stuff any day. He has moments of genuine hilarity – these really elaborate, meticulously built up takedowns of usually conservative figures. He’s got one about Sarah Palin that’s almost roll-on-the-ground funny, if you ask me, where he theorizes about why they have so many kids, and how the conception process goes. It involves making misshapen pancakes and yelling at the kids to look at Russia. Definitely worth listening to.

        And again, I’m glad you guys liked Evil Within. There’s been some pretty substantial hate directed at the game, but they don’t get that it’s kind of a Silent Hill – Resident Evil crossover, so you have the dream logic of the former with the excellent action of the latter. Really good so far, and it should hold over until Bayonetta 2 comes out, which if you guys haven’t seen, has been getting some of the best hype of any game in recent memory. And I don’t doubt it’ll live up to it.