• Régis Camargo

    “You are a joke I make up to make fun of you!” – Joel, much respect.

  • James Morrall

    I think the disconnect is that your standards are a little too high.

  • OtherSideofSky

    Spoilers, I guess, but there’s a stand in part 5 that DOES live in a world inside mirrors, thus invalidating that whole speech in part 3. You’re definitely right about Jojo’s being a “make it up as we go along” sort of story.

  • Big Mac

    “Stop arguing about classes of people.” – Joel, while arguing with a theoretical class of people.

  • Joseph Joestar is the greatest depiction of an American in all of Japanese fiction, and American presidents have shown up in anime/manga before. He’s better than Joey Jones, he’s better than Mr. Justice, and he may be better than the black dude from Legend of Black Heaven. Possibly better.

  • I’m baffled about the no pumpkins in LotR, but apparently that is a real thing. Apparently pumpkins are a New World crop, so they have no place in Tolkien’s realistic take on ancient Europe that has elves, dragons, and magic rings.