Show #509: We Use The Poop Method, Gary.

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This show also known as: Grenade Perfection Throwing Simulator


With all the talk of Getter Robo, Silvo Berlusconi, and ToshiRobo Mifune you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize this is our first video game show in months. We got a lot of Destiny to talk about, so we don’t get to the goofs until the end, but stick around for another chapter in the Saga of Gary!

Music Selection: Just Go With It.

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  • Zanz

    The very last Getter Robo manga that it’s creator Ken Ishikawa made had the team partner up with the Dinosaur Empire who in turn made a Dinosaur Getter Robo.

  • Suto

    You guys are great, but it pains me when my favorite game journalists (not just you 2) say Goldeneye had terrible controls.

    The trick is to change the controls from 1.1 to 1.2 (named Solitaire). This places the look and turn controls on the analog stick, and uses the yellow c buttons for moving back and forth and strafing. Sure, you don’t have analog run, but neither does a mouse and keyboard setup. With this setup, you can easily get headshots while moving / circle strafing . The controls are not finely tuned as in a Halo or Call of Duty, but they still work well. The 20-25fps frame rate does take some getting used to, unless you have been playing Xbox One launch games recently.

    • fastkarate

      I think if I had to direct my character with my right hand on a d-pad I would die, but that makes sense and I’ve definitely played games with stranger control setups. Also it’s not like I was a super pro Goldeneye player or nothing, this is just my opinion on having played it as a party game thing back in the day. I just really really hated the N64 controller for every application.

      But that’s a hot Xbox One burn. :D :D :D :D

  • Mecha Joey

    Dave’s right that Turkish people hate China. I was working at a summer job about a month ago hanging out with my Turkish immigrant and Chinese coworkers. The Chinese guy walked away, and this Turkish guy turns to me and says, “I do not like Chinese people.”

    • fastkarate

      Woah, I was just sayin’ that Turkey is in Asia and there’s probably some strife between them and Italy, another Mediterranean country!

      I prefer to think of that sort of prejudice on a per-person basis. :D I’m sure there are many Turkish people who are just fine. Though I guess I appreciate a racist who’s able to just come out and say “Yeah I don’t like ’em.” over some asshole who says YOU’RE the racist.

  • Zanz

    All of Legend of the Galactic Heroes is on Youtube if you’re tired of stuff like “Akame Ga Kill”. Rose of Versailles is super awesome and mature for a 70s anime for girls.