Show #508: The Ripple Is DEAD.

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This show also known as: I’m Not A Doll! I’m A Real Dog!

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Everyone been waiting for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Series 3, but none more than Joel.

Watch out for some Snowpiercer spoilers in the beginning. I mean *I* don’t think they’re so spoilery, but who knows with the internet. You could skip the first couple minutes if you wanted, but it’s peppered a little throughout, which is why I didn’t end up bleeping it out. Don’t listen to this if you don’t want us say like four words about Snowpiercer’s late-game reveals (but like… they’re pretty obvious reveals).

DO listen if you want to know who’s the best dog.

Music Selection: I’m sure we’ve done it a dozen times already.

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Don’t quit your day Stand, Kakoyin.

  • You just don’t “get” Kakyoin’s art, maaaaaaan!

    The Ripple is still alive and well! Spoilers.

  • Max

    Okay first off Joseph is the best Jojo, Joel is totally wrong. Aside from that, apparently Jojo’s eventually gets over the thing with ladies, because later on there’s actually a girl jojo. Also, while holy gets pronounced as holly sometimes old scots stuff, apparently the name comes from some old english word meaning salt, so I guess Jojo’s did make that up. ALSO also you said the ripple was dead but, Joseph uses it to kill the flesh bud they pull off Kakyoin, ripple supremacy 2014.

    Seriously though, I can’t help but feel sorry for Jojo 2. “Oh, you mastered the ripple? Well, that’s great, because it only works on vampires, and you killed all the vampires. Plus, everyone has stands now, and yours sucks. Your fighting prowess is essentially worthless now.”

    • See, even YOU downplay JoJo 2. Like Iron Man, without the powers, he still has MONEY! Mom Dukes is not getting the help she needs if Joseph isn’t waving around cash. Even if he was poor, though, he’s been a world traveler, so he knows his way around different cultures.

      Yes, Joel’s argument is invalid, but that’s only because (I guess; didn’t listen yet) they haven’t watched further in, when Joeseph releases his second stand, which is the Comedy stand. No one can defeat that stand!

      • fastkarate

        I’ve heard tell of JosephJo’s legendary shock and awe techniques (in which he responds to an unexpected event with shock and then awe), and I look forward to seeing these moments on film.

        I’ll note for the sake of record I am, at the very least, a supporter of Young JosephJo, and have made my appreciation of “and then you’re gonna do THIS,” quite clear in past podcasts.

    • The Joel

      That is basically a summation of my feelings on the ripple.

    • crow hero

      so the mangaka, araki, right? his second solo project, after Baoh and before JoJo was a magical girl series called Gorgeous Irene. Irene’s magical girl power was that she was so pretty that boys were hypnotized and did anything she wanted, like buy her things. Needless to say this wasn’t SUPER DUPER well-received and he kinda got a complex about trying to write women in his comics for a while.

      He said, in writing Part 6: Stone Ocean, that he wanted Jolyne Joestar to be an apology for Gorgeous Irene and y’know what, all sins are forgiven dude. By Jojolion more of the principal cast are women than men, one of whom has Paisley Park which is kinda the coolest power ever? so like, yeah, he gets over it.

      • fastkarate

        I’ve definitely heard Joylene is all that and a bag of chips, as the kids might say. I wouldn’t know because I don’t read the manga. However that seems irrelevant because people in this thread be determined to SAY ALL THE WAYS THAT SPOILERS CAN HAPPEN.

        It’s cool tho. :D

        That Gorgeous Irene sounds ridic. I’ve been reading Junji Ito manga compulsively recently and sometimes I’m like “maybe this guy hasn’t (hadn’t) resolved all his feelings about girls yet…”

  • Zanz

    I still would like to master the Ripple if it can allow to stretch my arms/disallocate my joints without any pain, and help keep me looking young because Joseph still looks good for someone past 70.

    • fastkarate

      Unlike Joel I am a ripple fence-sitter, not a ripple abolitionist. Pursuant to your point, I would gladly train in Ripple techniques if they let me use my hands and arms in the regular ways god intended without causing me intense daily pain.

  • Carson Clark

    sorry to say if your waiting for darby in this bunch of episodes before the break coming soon your going to have a LONG wait

  • Funny thing is that the Pillar Men would be able to fit in just fine in a Ripple-less world. Joeseph Joestar did have a power besides Ripple that was very effective: Tommy Gun!

    I’ll SA-POIL the hell out of this, since you’ve already learned about Baby Stand: Baby Stand is a little dude. That’s not to say that there are no female Stand users. I haven’t read the manga, but like you, I first played the DC game. You’ll remember that there’s a female stand user in there. Also, creepy old Tonight Show sidekick lady (Dio would make for a great talk show host) has a stand. So at both extremes, so far, Holly is proven to be completely worthless.

    By the way, I JUST figured out that maybe Holly is named after Buddy Holly. I still don’t know for certain, but if it’s not true, then I am greatly disappointed.

  • Zanz

    In part 4, Josuke who was seven years old at the time of Part 3 and was also struck with the same illness as Holly but became better and developed his stand Crazy Diamond after Dio died. So I’m thinking that Holly’s illness is due to the fact that she is a gentle person who suddenly developed an immense stand power instead of growing up with it.

  • Tim

    Dio’s crazy shennanigans are explicitly part of the reason why Holly and Josuke from Part four are struck with terrible illness, as he was attempting to wipe out the remaining Jostars. The plot illness BS only affected the JoJo line.

    Parts 4-8 are much better about female stand users. Part 6 has Jolene as the JoJo, and she’s pretty fucking awesome.

    As for the Black Box stand user, are you sure he doesn’t come from a long line of speedwagons?

  • Zanz

    Just like how the Ripple and the first two story arcs play on Fist of the North Star archetypes, I think that Stardust Crusaders’ stand powers are Araki’s own take on the Psychic Power manga/anime boom at the time that was helped started by Akira. The stands are basically Araki’s outlandish visualization of psychic powers: Star Platinum could be telekinesis, Magician’s Red is pyrokinesis, Hierophant Grant is psychic possession, etc.