Show #505: Hope You Choke On Your Hotdogs, Jordan

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This show also known as:┬áPeople Look Like They’re Getting Thrown Out of Windows A Lot


The Tony reveal we’ve all been waiting for is almost certainly just around the corner.

Topics for Consideration:
Ghost Ride the Belchek
The Rainbow Suspenders
Stepdad Obligations
Our Final Battle: In The Recycling Plant (Abunai, Julian-chan!)
Marionette Sex; These Hands Are Supple, Jack
Secret Upside-Down 24
Starring: Donald Sutherland
Chow Yun-Fat Missile Sortie

Music Selection: Irish Blood, [Bauer] Heart.

This show is about:

The Internet Provides

  • Wayde

    Man, I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I had a passing interest in 24 but after listening to your podcast I realized that the show will not be as awesome as your ‘unique’ commentary.

    Thanks for all the laughs over the years, guys.

    P.S. Holy shit, even Simon Phoenix needed more effort to lift someone than Jack Bauer did… Where did Jack score the Super Soldier serum?

  • James

    You know, Mary Lynn Rajskub isn’t that bad. I’ve seen her in other stuff and she’s good.

  • YotaruVegeta

    She actually does comedy, and she’s good at it. You wouldn’t expect that from Pouty Teenager Face.

  • Before you converted all your listeners into 24 fans, consider reviewing some more anime :P There is a 1 hour long OVA called Sanctuary. It might be up your alley. Just saying.

  • dave

    Don’t worry, there’s only one hour of 24 left! :D