Show #503: An Englishman Never Runs

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This show also known as: I JUST BURNED MY TONGUE.

Hot Literary Reference: Ebenezer to your own impotence.

Chloe-OBrian-24LAD-1024x576 Hey you know what’s butt? E3! It’s so butt we’re gonna spend twenty minutes on it before we get to 24.

Nah E3’s cool I’m just joshin’ you.

(–the witcher–i’m witchin’–)

Topics for Consideration:
Belchek’s Blood Debt
Requiem for a Naveed
Tactically Guided Bus
Rudy Ain’t Droppin’ No Eaves
The Underground Rail Bus

Music Selection: [Let Me Get My Hands On Your Mammary Glands,] Jack U Handsome Devil.

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