Show #502: It’s My Sworn Duty To Mamoru Her.

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This show also known as: Right For Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo?

24-Live-Another-Day_612x3803 What’s worse, 20 minutes of Game of Thrones spoilers at the beginning of this, or the invention of the Hamburger Crumble at the end?

Topics for Consideration:

Pervasive Cersei Haircuts
Total Door Games
Extreme Sensuality
From A New Terrorist Family
Tony no Jutsu
Baby Body Armor

Music Selection: Missed a real opportunity to sing about “if a double decker bus smashes into [Morris and Jibjub].”

This show is about:

Tomoe_nage Gonna have to shoot me, Mini-Jack.

  • James

    You didn’t recognize Tom Hiddleston, aka: Loki?

  • dave

    Nope! :D

    In my defense, if there’s a such thing as “mild” face blindness, I have it.

    I think I thought that guy was Michael Fassbender?

  • James

    Ah, totally understand.

  • Wait, I am confused? Which actress was in Dredd, and also in Prometheus? I thought you guys were talking about Noomi Rapace, but the main villain in Dredd was Lena Heady, who was in 300 and is in…Game of Thrones.

  • dave

    Maybe we were talking about those two people back to back which made it confusing? I definitely know those are two different actors.

  • It was confusing.