Show #500: Isn’t that a Morrisey Song?

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This show also known as: Miranda, Shut Up About the Roof!


The best time of the year is upon us! What better reason to finally convert over to episode 500 than a new season of 24?

Topics for Consideration:
President Audrey’s Dad
My fanfic creation Edward Snowman-hands, please don’t steal
Julian Assange: Sheriff of Nottingham
Marital Spite Terrorism

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  • The Joel

    I hope people like this one. I liked making it.

  • mitch543

    I think I’ve watched 1 episode of 24 and was only half paying attention to it, but I’ve listened to and enjoyed every one of your 24 podcasts.

  • Jason Robard

    I hoped you guys would do this one. I probably won’t watch this, as I haven’t seen any of 24 since their first season (by far their best from what I’ve heard), but it’s been too long since the awesomely absurdist riffing that 24 makes possible.

  • Quinn K

    This is the perfect subject for your 500th podcast. Bravo good sir!

  • The only people I know who listen to Morrisey are

    1. Chloe
    2. readers of Sandman
    3. San Franciscan sisters who are also witches.