• OtherSideoftheSky

    So, I realize this is super nitpicky and kind of dumb, but how exactly does an anime made by a totally different group of people than the people who made the game constitute “authorial intent”? I mean, it’s not like Kamiya was sitting in the director’s going “YES! SMEAR THAT LOLLIPOP ALL OVER HER TITS! MORE ASS CLOSE-UPS!” To make a comparison to something so much better rested and higher brow that even mentioning it in the same paragraph as a video game about a which kicking bird-angels in the face and then shooting them with her heels makes me look like a mad cretin with no sense of scale, that’s like making a statement about Burgess’ intended messages based entirely on Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange.

    Also, while the three hit combo ending in a wicked weave made the sword totally sweat, the other weapons were perfectly viable; the sword just gets you results with the least effort and never becomes obsolete. I personally got a lot of use out of the ice skates, the ray guns, and Pillow Talk (the laser sword-flute from Okami).