Show #499s: On That Ick

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This show also known as: I’m sort of a jumping expert.


We answer twitter questions, some of which are about Dark Souls 2. So we talk about that a lot!

Kickin that Ick; spillin that Ick.

Music Selection: Maybe it’s just because I fought the Ruin Sentinels while underleveled for 2+ hours but I get so pumped when this song starts.

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These are my terms.

  • Norondor

    i was trying to think of a question for you to field but all i could come up with was “would you guys go off on a riff about tenchu or something”

  • FUCK, MARRY, KILL LA KILL? ;) Great podcast guys, and Joel, listen to Dave, Kill La Kill is really fantastic. I think it surpassed Gurren Lagann by a long shot, and that show is already amazing.

    Kill La Kill is the definition of being “On that Ick” ;)

  • Sam Jackson, though he is of retirement age, was all about twitter way before he got that Capital One deal. He’s had a twitter “controversy” or two, and he’s definitely doesn’t mind giving his two cents.