• James

    Loved the show, look forward to more like it, but why did you guys shit on atheists, like that?

  • dave

    But how can we shit on atheists we aaaaaare atheists. :D :D :D

    And I figure people who’ve listened to the podcast for 9 years would probably assume that, at least for me if not Graz. Maybe our language is too idiosyncratic, but when we say “internet atheists” we’re talking about a specific brand of extreme and sanctimonious skeptic/atheist, the kind of person who, in the 90s, would scream “wake up, sheeple!”

    Aaaaalso you can probably assume I know where the King in Yellow comes from, considering I was talking about reading the book at the beginning of the podcast. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember making a specific point about The King in Yellow and then expanding it to Lovecraft as a catch-all for weird fiction.

    • James

      Oh, sorry on both counts I guess.