Show #499r: Right In The B-Hole.

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This show also known as: Hi This Is Karen Can I Have Your Serial Number


Talking about Yamishibai, a show that’s pretty scary if you’re nine years old or me or Joel. But mostly it’s about butthole tazers.

If you can tolerate the first few minutes of I RECORDED OF MY INTERNAL MIC AGAIN WHAT THE HELL WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS it gets a little better when I turn the gain down.

Music Selection: Surprise, sucker!

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I’m a fan.

  • That Gent

    What about that one story where the moral is, “Always be a jerk to children, forever!”

  • James

    That’s actually a Simpson’s Halloween story, with Peirce Brosnon.

  • dave

    It’s actually both :D

    But the real movie isn’t Pierce Brosnan, THEIR LOSS.

    • James

      Well shit… that is much more disturbing.

  • James

    Also… how was Joel scared by a still image? I looked up the slit-mouth girl, not scary. If it moved, or screamed, or something, sure.