Show #499q: Doctor, Did The Zombie Talk You Into This Plan?

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Here’s our inconsequential ram-bam-bambles about Space Dandy but also really important things like Night of the Living Dead, American Horror Story, and Alias!

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Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.41.36 AMJERRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

  • Quinn

    Dave, if you and Graz are able to watch 400 episodes of One Piece, how about trying something like Legend of the Galactic Heroes? It’s a pretty solid 110 episodes.

  • Max

    Furniture and finance weren’t direct opposites, I just felt like they were about as far as you could get from anime and video games.

  • dave

    It’s not impossible we’d try Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but I will say that we were able to make it through so many episodes of One Piece because that show is like popcorn, and I’m told LoGH is super dense.

  • James

    Land of the Dead is the most interesting and entertaining Zombie movie ever, you guys need to watch it again.

  • Tim

    Log Horizon is about folks stuck in an MMO, but they take two conceits that make it different than .Hack or SAO.

    1. The world they’re in appears to be real, and there’s no apparent cause or conspiracy for while they’re there. And the players have all their senses intact, if not their original bodies.

    2. Players don’t die, they just can’t log out. In fact, anyone who dies gets resurrected.

    A lot of it’s about the politics of adjusting to living in an absurd fantasy world.

  • Was that the first time Joel ever visited Crunchyroll?

    My fave Space Dandy Eps are 2, 5,, 1, 4, and 3. The Space Dandy ending song will always be my fave. I hum it to myself at work every damn day.

    I know what we don’t need is another show with ladyparts jiggling in it, but from my view, this is about the tamest T&A show Japan has offered in a while. Dandy’s a grown man who could actually be with a woman if he chose to, and he’s buried his face in less cleavage than the average, dark-hared, bland male protagonist.

    Dandy isn’t saving anime (save yourself!) but it’s just…dandy.

  • dave

    You’re right about it being pretty tame. However, for the most part I’d like the things I like to be not lame, not just tolerably lame.

  • K-Money

    “It’s a show about the systemic violence that the government inflicts on its citizens and, in doing so, removes a certain percentage of the population.”

    Man, you guys used to talk about cartoons about people’s heads exploding. Maybe we’re all just growing up.

  • dave

    The level of discourse on the Yamishinbai episode should assuage most of your grievances. :D