Show #499p: Steve, That’s Not In The Script.

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This show also known as: Is Love an Economic Indicator?

Dota-2-review-2 Once month later to the day from our last podcast, we bring you Fast Karate’s Game of the DOTA.

My game of the year list is on my tumblr!

“What’s wrong with the audio this week?”
I put the mic on my desk so enjoy the sounds of me typing through the podcast!

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dandy01It’s a dandy man in space.

  • Chris

    After you reach episode 499z, how will you name your episodes? 499GreatZ, 499KaiserZ, 499Shippuden?

    Thus far I’m liking Space Dandy, especially for the ways it reminds me of Redline. The background art and aliens are so different looking. It’s not like Star Trek.

    • Chris

      Oh, and Happy New Year, Joel and Dave!

  • Jung-ho

    “Man, if I had a subscription to crunchyroll I’d watch so much anime! Not really, anime sucks.”