Show #499o: Merkle and Schroeder

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This show also known as: It all fitsITALLFITS.


It wouldn’t be a return from a month-long podcasting hiatus without CRIPPLING AUDIO PROBLEMS.

I’m sorry. :(

Now that I think about it there’s no reason that, in Asura‘s time-period, a 35 year-old log-puller wouldn’t be trying to bang some 14 year old girl. That was pretty much the way of things world-wide until like 80 years ago.

Music Selection: YO HO MY LAD.

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lotr-lcg-layout-finalPreliminary reports suggest this game is… Okay!
(but it’s no Pathfinder)

  • James

    It actually hasn’t really been acceptable for several hundred years, or more, because it has varied widely by culture too.

  • Jay

    Have either of you guys tried Netrunner? I’d love to know if it’s fun or not, from a reliable source.