Show #499n: The Economy’s Based On Nothin’!

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Fast Karate, now with BABY SOUNDS. We break down our Extra Life stream, thank you donors! Then we jaw about videogames for a while.

And happy birthday Brent!

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  • Muster Krux

    Whatever. Clearly, ‘Sleeping with Hinako’ is a scathing satire of the state of modern media. As the character performs for the audience, acting in a manner that suggests a dialectical or otherwise ‘interactive’ dialogue with the audience, we are shown how utterly one-sided modern means of communication/entertainment truly are.

    Even now, what was once the vanguard of modern, truly interactive entertainment experiences, our beloved video games, are growing more and more static and performative, rather than experiences that the viewer/gamer can participate in with narrative agency (Look at the latest Final Fantasies, the latest Shooters-on-rails, like Call of Duty). Hinako deliberately shows us this ‘false dialogue’ by presenting the viewer with obviously non-interactive exchanges with the viewer that have a thin veneer of dialectical interaction.

    Additionally, we see that Hinako is also a commentary on the Male Gaze (see: Laura Mulvey). As this character performs her daily routine, the viewer is presented with a omniscient perspective of her. As her ‘stance’ moves from one of an actor (ie. moving around during the day ‘doing things’) through to a passive or ‘vulnerable’ stance (ie. sleeping), the Male Gaze falls upon her in this borderline obscene voyeurism. As a woman, Hinako is no more than an object, with no inherent right to privacy or freedom from observation by the Male Gaze. She must perform the social role of ‘woman-object’ at all times, even when she is unconscious.

    I’m sorry if you failed to see that ‘Sleeping with Hinako’ is, in fact, a brilliant piece of social commentary and only saw it as a cheap cash-grab aimed at lonely Otaku.

    I mean, seriously, it’s be pretty creepy to make a 45 minute long show that consists of watching a woman while she’s asleep. Who would watch that?

    [Note: Trying to decide if this essay requires a winking smiley or not.]

  • dave

    Since you did not include a winky smiley I’m forced to assume that you are serious, and therefore think poorly of you.

    • Muster Krux

      Well, seeing as your opinion is important to me, I am saddened by this. I must note that my hands do not currently grasp a sweet Muffaletta, I am forced to go acquire one to eat in the bathtub. While weeping.


  • Max

    I saw part of Bathing with Hinako because a friend sent it to me (he was subtitling it for a circle for some reason) and it was horrible. She suggested that you count to 100 to time how long you soaked and proceeded to very slowly count to 100 in the shrillest most irritating voice ever, I could not make it to the end of the count so I don’t know what the next step was and as such have no idea how to bathe.

  • Eoghan

    I apologise for destroying your ability to pronounce names, Dave.