Show #499m: Do you KNOW about Lions?

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This show also known as: Why I Protrude?

This show also, also known as: The Ultimate Squirrel.


After a 20 minute tributary because, um, someone said something that sounded like “Dark Souls,” we give Jojo’s the send-off it deserves.

This podcast almost killed me by combination aneurysm/extreme dehydration.


This show is about:

Shut up Joel, IT’S CUTE.

  • Quinn

    Yo Dave, did forget the fact that Lisa Lisa said that she was raised by Straights in Tibet?

  • Wayne

    Come on show number 499z, come onnn lol. Jokes aside this was an awesome episode, guys! Thanks!

  • Tim

    There’s 8 parts. 1-6 are in one continuity. 4 is 1999, 5 is early 2000s, and 6 is 2012.

    7 and 8 are part of a new universe, 7 is an alternate version of Original Jojo but also with a horse race and Jesus and the President of the United states. Part 8 takes place in the modern day, and is a more laid back story, but is possibly even stranger than the earlier versions.

  • gevin

    Hey Dave looked all over etsy for your shirt but could not find it. wondering if you could post a picture i would like to see what it looks like thanks.

  • It’s this one!

    Also I was willing to stretch the truth of Lisa Lisa being raised separately for the gag. :D