Show #499l: Well He Knows the Code

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This show also known as: ZA-ZAP.


Here’s an all-twitter all-show (and a couple emails at the end). Topics include League of Legends, Makoto Shinkai, why the new Deltron album sucks, Philadelphia China Town restaurants, Adderall, Rollercoasters, Jumping Through Boss Doors, Paintball, ANIME, and the Ouya.

(special bonus round: guess what I recorded this podcast on, it wasn’t my real mic!)

(i think the problem of this was actually Skype modifying my audio settings on the fly more than the crap mic, you know what don’t even bother listening)

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Just Try and Stop Me.

  • Wow, congrats Joel! As a father myself I bid you good luck, and best wishes. Get your sleep now that you can! (And keep podcasting to stay sane ;) )

  • Ty

    47:20 I totally relate with energy levels dropping, I’m 29. I’ve tried a different diet where I totally remove bread, wheat, and gluten from my diet for a few months or so, it sucks but I have more energy than I did in my early 20’s. It’s heard to give up carbs though I always end up eating them again and regressing…

  • K-Money

    Congrats, Joel. Didn’t realize you had a kid on the way.

  • Jung-ho

    I feel like the Ellen Page-rage subsided following Super, in which she was really funny

  • James

    I wasn’t aware anyone hated her. She’s an excellent actress, and a nice person.

  • James

    Oh, and women CAN start menopause at like 35 or so. All the women in my family start at 35-38. Every last one, so far.

  • Jimbei rocks!

    Gerald HATES The Prestige. In fact, whatever the opposite of celebrating someone’s whole catalog is, that’s what he does with Nolan. Gerald is defined as hater of anything fun on AWO, so what’re you gonna do. Dark Knight Rises was quite the mess, though.

    • James

      Not really, I’d say it was about as good as The Dark Knight.