Show #499j: One WHOLE Potato?

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This show also known as: Benefit of the Dick.


Papers Please is hella good, but we sorta spoil the whole thing so beware. Also we spoil Portland food carts (delicious) and are slightly less spoilery about Gone Home (talk about the atmosphere a lot).

Crocodile, best animal or worst animal?

(“like” cast)

Music Selection: I dunno some song.

This show is about:


The secret D code.

  • RandomDan

    hey, has anyone noticed that the category menu pulldown just redirects you to twitch? Pretty sure that’s not working right.

  • James

    I have never heard of that game, sounds interesting.

  • Arthur

    Bought this game after watching your stream! Totally worth the 10 bucks.

  • Tysonius Maximus

    I am pretty sure I will pick this game up now. My only problem is I am heartless to begin with so I will not really give a damn about any favors these people ask for or my family.