AWOxFastKarate IV: Clash at the Fountainhead of Justice.

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This show also known as: Gettin’ Stabbed, Huh? Pretty Suspicious.

There’s a lot of drama in this anime game, son. Hope it was worth the 2 week wait! Daryl, Joel, and I are back for another round of Crying Freeman. In this very special episode we discuss racism, size… ism?, spy plans, and, as if you couldn’t guess, Crying Freeman Babiez.

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kohflySemper Fi.

  • Tysonius Maximus

    Wig technology! Why are we not funding this!

  • James Lee

    You had wondered why Yoko Kanno’s concert was not held in the Mariner’s arena and the reason was revealed at Otakon’s feedback session. The technology that projected the images onto Yoko Kanno’s piano during her concert only works in an intimate setting and would not display properly if projected over a greater distance like in the Mariner’s arena. Yoko Kanno and her staff originally wanted to hold a concert for only 200 people, but the Otakon staff knew that far more people than that would want to go to the concert and added a zero to the requested audience number, which is how the concert ended up in Hall H

  • dave

    Good to know!

    I totally understand the idea of artists wanting small venues for more intimate performances. Just more rationale for my creed: everything I like should only be popular enough that I can always get a guaranteed spot at whatever it is. :D