Show #499i: He’s Gonna Queen Bee the President.

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This show also known as: I’m hittin’ you with a boat!


I rave about Pacific Rim for a bit before we spend the plurality of this podcast talking about Dragon’s Crown, I suppose, which is… actually… goood? It’s weird, because if you recalibrate your expectations to “oh, this is actually just porn,” then it becomes way more tolerable!

But we also do a lot of emails.

Music Selection: Compare to that Madonna song whose name I can’t remember.

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To “Jake,” all you need to know is: CHUG IT AND YOU WILL BE BRAVE.

  • Regarding awesome roguelikes, y’all should check out Red Rogue. ( It’s a dark side-scrolling platformer roguelike where you play as the widow of the hero from the original Rogue and it’s really good! It’s also free and multiplatform. (Tip!: Drop down on enemies to stun them.)

  • OtherSideofSky

    All that talking about the character designs and no mention of how absolutely fucking gorgeous the fighter’s face is under that helmet? I’m disappointed.

    Seriously, that has to have been enough for at least one good joke or something.

  • The director has to take the blame along with his crew, but Blade II was written by David Goyer, who has quite an interesting mix of films to his credit. I’ll just mention that he also wrote Blade Trinity, the worst of the Blade films. Not a totally bad film, but the worst way to have ended the trilogy.