Show #499g: I Would Never Take A Hoagie’s Name In Vain.

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This show also known as: Thanks, Macrophage!


We mostly talk about the Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall DLC, which is almost as categorically excellent as the main game! Did I forget to mention how awesome I think the assassin uniforms are? Ooops!

Also extended half-discussion that is MOSTLY non-spoilery about The Last of Us, which I reviewed for ANN. Wow it’s really fun to talk in roundabout ways about a game only one of you has played!

What’s wrong with the audio this week? I left the air conditioner fan on high while recording!

Music Selection: Daddy loves you, daddy loves you.

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Eh? Eh?

  • AbominaBill

    The Last of (fung)Us?

    (Really hope you didn’t make that joke I’m still listening to the show. Also please dinnercast Last of Us I’ll kickstart an order of fries or something.)

  • RandomDan

    Really? Still haven’t made it to 500, eh? Fuck it, Viva El Alfabeto! Also, the j makes an h sound in spanish. Also, PS, Milanesa tortas are the reason to have a mouth. PPS, a well made pambaso makes women cry in ecstasy and men bite their fist to supress tears. Soooo Goooood! Last note, Sindral mundet in a glass bottle is the only thing you will want to accompany mexican food once you have one. It’s an apple soda that will blow you away. Last note ps, Sangrial Senorial from a glass bottle will prove intelligent design.