Show #499e: Hey Stop Throwing Guns At Me! OW!

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This show also known as:┬áKeep Learning, That’s What I Say.


Far Cry: Blood Dragon is nowhere near worth talking about as Rogue Legacy, which is the game that makes me want to raise a child because it proves that there’s still beauty left in this world. And ah… maybe some stuff about Sweden and Komodo Dragons…

Maybe overdid it with Joel’s noise removal. OH WELL. Better luck next time with the audio (but not really)

Music Selection: It’s my soundtrack when I wanna get my paper towel dispenser trashed and then be thrown down a stairwell.

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Software nerd or brilliant disguise?

  • Joel I’m gonna sue you outta millions when I come back half after my trip to Komodo… Island

  • AmbientFire

    Tobal! I used to play tobal no 2 all the time back in the day! It was when I had just discovered Akira Toriyama, and I was so fascinated that they had a fighting game with his character designs. But, man, that was not a great game. A great memory, but not a great game.