Show #499d: Guacamonaco.

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This show also known as: Take that, shale!

Monaco long

Let’s get into it with Guacamelee and Monaco (after a brieeeeeeff detour where we learn the meaning of superfoods).

Music Selection: I like to think this is thematically appropriate, but it’s probably not.

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Pieces of heart have got to go

  • K-Money

    What are you going to do when you run out of letters in the alphabet? Double up? Show #499aa?

  • It’s hard to find a place to laugh out loud at your iPod on a college campus but the peanut butter conspiracy that ends in a twenty-second bleep… Brilliant

  • I wasn’t sure if that beep was pushing it. I’m ecstatic it worked for someone. :D

    Double letters for lyfe. We can go all night.