Tonight’s Stream Should Be:

Hit ’em up. If you have an “Other” put it in the comments. Maybe it will be a wildcard and we’ll overwrite whatever wins the poll!

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  • fake_brasilian

    Receiver! (Steam)

  • Max

    stream Inuyasha: The Cursed Mask

  • Onomarchus

    Stream Drakengard.

    This isn’t an entirely serious suggestion. In fact, I think this might be too mean. (Not that I’ve actually played the game myself.)

    Wait, I think this stream has already happened.

    Yes, it has. I still feel like posting this comment anyway. No sense in not looking silly now.

  • Max

    Drakengard wasn’t THAT bad. The insanity carried you through the boring gameplay for most of it. Caim kicking an old man and a child in the face is worth a lot of mashing square.

  • dave

    I’ve got an interest in Drakengard since I’ve never played it and I’ve played and enjoyed Nier.

  • Sam

    I would like to see what Fast Karate Team thinks of Blood Dragon, this is right up their alley for games, at least the plot