Show #499c: GET OUT OF THE BAND.

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This show also known as: GIGA DRILL BREAKER.


Hey hey hey, it’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure episodes 15-18 (also some Dragon’s Crown talk at the end).

Music Selection: I-I-I-I need better band names in this show.

This show is about:


What are you guys even doing.

images-1What are YOU guys even doing.

  • Ramshackle

    I think this has been the longest time I have been without some true Fast Karate goodness.

    I’m intrigued by Dragon’s Crown but the art direction…why must I be forced to play a game in the dead of night with my curtains drawn… I don’t want a repeat of what happened with Bayonetta…the shame.

  • Jacob D.
  • Tim

    In the vein of AC/DC being fire based JoJo part four has an electricity based stand named Red Hot Chilli Pepper.