• Whoa, Skull Island wasn’t named till the 2005 King Kong.

    And thank you, Shutter Island was terrible. Lame version of Cronenberg’s Spider

  • James

    It was Farou Island in King Kong vs Godzilla.

  • Joel, The Mandarin in the new movie is not based entirely on the one in the comics, even though the character is a lot less stereotypical than when he debuted decades ago (he’s an Asian dude in a snazzy suit at this point). I think he’s going to be more of an Osama Bin Laden type. Who knows if his rings actually do anything in this movie.

  • James

    I hope his rings do something. He could easily have recovered some alien tech after the events of The Avengers, since that’s what his rings are in the comics, alien technology.

  • “The Mandarin” “The Manchurian Candidate” “Fu Manchu”… whenever there’s a “Chinese”-themed moniker thrown around, it’s a fair bet the person in question is a villain. I wonder if Chinese literature and film have an equivalent Western version? “The Anglo-Saxon” (watch out, he’ll force you to sell opium or blow up your cities)