Show #499b: Can You Even Read?

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This show also known as: That’s Where You’re Gonna Grow A Baby-Dave.

Guess why it’s called Mardock SCRAMBLE. :D :D :D :D

We wasted all the good jokes talking about it on Steam last night, so you didn’t get to hear Joel say “she cut off his fingers! he loves his fingers!”

I also have this new Toomblore thing where I wrote about Mardock Scramble to go along with this podcast!


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This is a double reference!

  • Though I don’t entirely disagree, the idea that at some point the viewer/reader’s interpretation becomes more significant than the creator’s intent is troublesome. Certainly the creator has no power to ‘enforce’ their message on somebody, but shouldn’t they aspire to create messages important enough to not be ignored, or content (like this movie) that doesn’t convolutes intent

  • You can definitely use an author’s intent for context, but in the end the text matters more than the intent. The author’s intent for Gunslinger Girls might’ve been “look how creepy and dehumanizing this is.” The text pretty clearly stated “…but also, isn’t it kind of awesome? And aren’t guns really fuckin’ cool? And aren’t forbidden quasi-incestuous relationships between little girls and grown men like a TINY bit hot?”

    So I’m willing to listen to an author because it’s interesting to know how art is made, but Zack Synder can claim Sucker Punch is a feminist work all he wants, doesn’t make it true.

    Jumping off point for further reading:

  • Yeah… Those are good examples and its true but man, it kinda sucks (from the perspective of an aspiring creator). I guess the key is to be aware of audience interpretation WHEN designing how intent manifests in content

    And whatever you do, don’t be Zack Snyder

  • OtherSideofSky

    Honestly, the body of material that is considered definitely ‘feminist’ is so absurdly broad, encompassing everything from brilliant works of introspective science fiction and thought provoking historical drama to plays advocating child rape and movies about how gay men are monsters motivated primarily by a desire to harm women, that I don’t think anyone can make a meaningful case against Zack Snyder on those grounds. At the very least, the texts and people he got most of his ideas from were unquestionably feminist. He also has a fairly good case when he says that most audiences didn’t really pay attention to Sucker Punch and failed to interpret a lot of what he was saying. The part where his case falls apart is when he tries to tell you that it was a good movie advancing new and original ideas (also the part where he calls it a ‘dialog’, because it’s really just him talking at his audience), because that movie was a steaming pile of trash. I don’t care how deep he thinks he is, it is not acceptable for the ‘point’ of a movie to involve 80% of it being dull, style-over-substance trash or for its message to be that anyone who would willingly go see it is a Dickens-esque caricature of a horrible person. The ideas he’s trading in are all at least thirty years out of date, and even when they were new most of them were just the ramblings of literary and film scholars who thought they knew sociology.

    Also, remember when Bradbury insisted that Fahrenheit 451 (not actually the temperature at which paper burns, according to my chemist friend) was about TV displacing literature? That’s probably my favorite ‘death of the author’ moment.

  • OtherSideofSky

    Also, I hope you get to the part of Mardock Scramble where it becomes a casino heist story for like a hundred pages.

  • Your description of Well-Done the Pussy Hand had me imagining a guy who shoots fetuses out of his palm like he’s Mega Man with a powerup.

  • James

    Zack Snyder’s not that bad, 300 is good, stupid fun and I love the Dawn of the Dead remake. Can’t wait to see what he does with Superman.

  • Her name made me think this is a clear reference to `Balut’ – Another egg reference!
    Just get into that wiki article for all the delicious details

  • Weston

    Accidentally watched this on Easter. Haha.
    Please do a show for episode 2 it is ripe for the picking. Spoilers, the mouse may or maynot wear a tux at some point. And there’s one other thing I wouldn’t dare rewin for you or anyone. Youll know it when you see it. I had no words. “Should have sent a poet.”