Show #496: No, Cheesesteak! How Could You Betray Me?

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This show also known as: Is This in Prince of Persia Format?

This show ALSO also known as:: It’s Just THE DESERT.

Herein we talk about Kentucky Route Zero, which we generally liked AND IF YOU WANNA PLAY THIS PLAY IT BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST and also Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (review here) which ….



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I’m much happier with this.

  • Tony

    Hey dave, file 404’ed

  • Oops! I’ve fixed it now.

  • Joel, why don’t you just buy a shitbox PS3 off of ebay or something? I have shunned the new PS3s in favor of the backwards compatible model, and I recently bought one for 100 bucks.

  • Jordan

    Your guy’s description of how visual novels constantly describe stuff was dead on. While I don’t have much experience because I still have a narrow mined view that they are all porno, I have played stuff like Persona Arena. While I enjoyed it, I still got extremely tired going through the story. Mostly because it always seemed like they were overly describe the most obvious things. “I frigin get how Chie feels!” was what would go through my mind as the game kept telling me how she of course feels.

  • The lack of faith that visual novels seem to have in the players, across the board, is what bothers me most about them. There is no such thing as inference where visual novels are concerned, at least as far as I’ve experienced them. Why trust that a reader can understand how a character feels from dialogue and context when you can have them literally say “that made me feel really sad!”

    In other words, my problem with visual novels is:

    I feel bad that I’ve repeated that sentiment on like 3 podcasts, though. From now on I will just reference that Futurama video.

    I thought P4A’s writing was pretty strong, overall, but those are strong characters to begin with. The writing in P4A was expository like all other visual novels, but at least it was backed by a solid story. Considering the whole story is about Labrys, it’s fitting that her chapter’s the strongest.

    Also Elizabeth’s punning was solid. Puns are the best.

  • Odai

    Dave, i completely get what you mean about sex in VN’s trying to be super chaste and super lewd at the same time.

    You can’t have both

  • I don’t wanna have either!

    On S&S though, I highly recommend it Joel because like how yourself, I too read and knew a lot about it before actually playing it; but once I started it was still a completely new experience to me and an incredible one at that. Now I’m definitely curious about Kentucky Route Zero (Dark Thirty?)