Show #495: Shokujou Bugusu no Gakusei(-chan)

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This show also known as: Yo, That Sword is a Phallus!

Fast Karate goes back to its roots and says “What’s Up” to Natsuki Crisis and its intense love of… [q.v.: below].

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  • K-Money

    If only I had been been on Twitter when you asked for anime recommendations. There is so much awe-inspiring/horrifying cartoon schlock that would make for great podcasting material. Oh well.

    Also, I’m digging the new site design. It could do with less black and more white though.

  • Pardon me, gentlemen. The Waynans Brothers film was called “White Chicks” not “White Girls” Please, let us have culture.

  • Max

    How could anyone hate the 24 episodes? TAKE THAT, VIRUS was one of you guys’ best episodes, and most of the 24 episodes were great.

  • I think I have found the Surat-approved picture

    If you want a suggestion, maybe you’d like to check out It only has 2 episodes available and I think that’s all you need. What I’ve read is that the show is released quarterly. Why that is, I don’t know.

  • That Gent

    It looks like the Judo club and the Etymology club have conflicting meanings in the word, “Definition”.

  • James

    It’s Paranormal Activity.

  • AmbientFire

    A little Edu-less-than-fun on Yama Arashi/Mountain Storm It’s actually a very hard technique that nowadays is banned. It requires a lot of timing and balance, and like any technique performed by a skilled judooka – it looks easier than taking a poop. It does look reminiscent to the Uchi mata/Inner thigh throw ( if you don’t watch a lot of Judo.

    I think the reason it’s in the show as a legendary awesomeness technique is because it is banned in kodokan judo (“standard” judo) and apparently there used to be some particular judoka that was incredible with the technique – so much so that it spanned an expression that goes something along the lines of “none before him, none after him” in reference to performance of that technique.

    So it does have a sort of myth status within judo circles, and I’m sure that’s why the judo character had that as her special throw. phew.

    But I agree – Bees and hornets are the ultimate technique.

  • AmbientFire

    I forgot to mention that Uchi mata, unlike Yama arashi (mountain storm) is extremely common and people use it whether they have the skills for it or not, all the time.

  • That’s certainly close, VichusSmith, but it is not the picture I posted without any sort of not-work-safe warning. She’s wearing far too much clothing in that shot, after all. No, it was definitely this one, which is pretty tasteful given the actual show:

  • Oh….well. My pants…

    That is certainly NSFW.

  • Maybe in my head, it was like the Natsuki Crisis phenomenon only scaled up. “You can’t even see her nipples! Why, compared to the show’s opening and ending credits, this is perfectly fine.” Also, compared to what Gerald suggested, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is NOTHING.

    (I have to spell out the weird Japanese name so as not to confuse it with the OTHER “Samurai Girls” mammar-anime Section23 has released.)

    Gdgd Fairies is actually a good show, but it’s also mostly improvised and dryly absurd in a half-Cromartie, half-Aqua Teen Hunger Force sort of way. Even though the episodes are only about 15 minutes, tops, I don’t know how well it’d fit in with the Fast Karate vibe.

  • Yeah, that other samurai girls is tame. Also doesn’t look good.

  • Now there’s two pictures of that shit on my internet website. :|