Show #494: (rogue cop)

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This show also known as: I Still Have One More Sword.

Let’s talk about Hawken and Don’t Starve in addition to stuff our listeners liked in 2012!

(my right-off-the-bat list completely forgot FTL)


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Sup Gurl(?)

  • Ben
  • Fine, Joel. I pick this for 2012:

    BTW, do you think it’s lazy when games don’t come up with a better fake currency name?

  • Gilmorne

    For a game called “Don’t Starve” I don’t think I’ve ever been in a position to starve, without simply forgetting to put food in my face.

  • They probably wanted to call it “Don’t Die” but that’s the objective of most games.

  • Joel

    That Guns of Icarus game looks kinda cool.

  • It is quite cool. Pilot an airship and whatnot. There’s also an Air Buccaneers game, where you can actually board other airships.