Show #491: We’ve Reached Peak Baby.

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This show also known as: You Gotta Go In The Horse Vagina

We spend a whole lot of time talking about the Wii U and ZOMBIIEEUUUAUUE and FUCK BROKERS before moving on to a hot half hour of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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  • Fuck Bro- I know better than to ask. I’ll just listen

  • beatbandito

    Oh wow, you guys do podcasts?

  • What the fuck is a podcast?

  • Eustace

    Oh hey, a new epis-OH GOD SPEEDWAGON WHY

  • ‘Talking about ham…’ – this is going to be a good episode

  • I don’t know, Dave. Maybe it’s your requirements that made it hard, but the apartments on Backpage (no fees) look good!

    Congrats on the marriage or whatever, BTW.

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  • “If you have really poor judgment when it comes to buying video game systems, then sure, buy this video game system!” That’s a back-of-the-box quote if I ever heard one.

  • Max

    Hey, I’ve been following the podcast on BeyondPod on my android phone and recently only the latest 100 episodes have been showing up. The rutilcaper rss seems to include all the episodes if I go to it manually and ctrl+f5, but if I go through the site to it and ctrl+f5 it goes to the most recent 100. Is this a new libsyn thing? It’s sort of annoying to not be able to grab old episodes, especially if I want to find one about a specific anime or something.