• I have zero hands-on experience with RE6, so I can’t jum into the hate it or toler ate it camp. It has a focus on co-op, though, so at least it’ll be enjoyable Boss Doors fodder. I can give it that much.

  • EzeKill

    Yeah this game is total ass. Each campaign is like 5 hours and the game never really let me play. Just a bunch of damn cut scenes and set up pieces that keep taking control away from the player. Apparently quick time events are better now.

    The game was so dark too, even on the brightest settings I could barely see. They basically should have named this “Call of Resident Evil Gears 6.” So much boring non stop soulless “action” and all the fun creative co op action is gone. They even took away the gun sharing and improving.

    Also head or leg shots no longer register. They actually managed to take all the fun parts out.

    What a disappointment.

    Great episode guys, I enjoy watching you guys play and your banter is always fun to listen to.