• James

    Shouldn’t you wait until all five episodes are out?

  • We’ve been streaming them as they come out.

  • James

    You’ve already streamed the first 2? Didn’t notice. In that case, you’re a little late.

  • blank

    Nope, episode 4 came out tonight. I didn’t realize you guys were streaming them, shame I missed it tonight. Guess I’ll have to catch you doing the finale whenever it comes out then.

  • Damn I hate working nights. I do not get off until 11 PM EST, so I will most likely miss the stream.

  • James

    Episode 4 is out?

  • EzeKill

    I would love to hear your guys is thoughts on this game so far. After the food discussions of course.

  • beatbandito

    No matter how many times I vote, you don’t play it again tonight.

  • Onomarchus

    I don’t want to wait for my Trapper-Keeper.

    (Snapper Keeper).