Show #488: Lord Gohda Expect Much of You

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This show also known as: The FF alarm.

Hope you guys are ready for 10 minutes of computer hardware talk! Mmmmmmmaybe just skip to the 30 minute mark when we start talking about Mark of the Ninja, which is great! …but actually what we do is reminisce about Tenchu for most of it…
(sorry for my poor audio quality, I recorded this on my laptop with no mic)
(oh! I forgot there was a third character in Tenchu 3 that kill guys with Bayer Aspirin Kung-Fu!)
(also I was wrong about the Rockmen not needing oxygen. I WAS VERY WRONG ABOUT THAT)

Music Selection: Sudden Attack of the Southern Barbarians is the best title for any song of all time. I am 100% certain I’ve used this for a podcast before BUT WHATEVER.

This show is about:.

Push play to show the meanest thing you can do to a motherfucker.

  • beatbandito

    Beef patty between two pieces of white bread is the Jamaica Queens version.

    They charge an extra buck for it.

  • Tim

    CURSE YOU DAVE AND JOEL! This game does not come out on steam for the better part of a month, and I feel betrayed by you recommending such things!

    In related, but not your name cursing, topics, why is Shadow Complex STILL only on XBox live?

  • Usually that has to do with who published it/paid for its development. If Microsoft did it, then Xbox is where it’ll probably stay.

  • AmbientFire

    Ok, so, I don’t know if this game is awesome or not, but now i REALLY want them to make another Tenchu! Nice touch with the Tenchu-music in the end of the episode, I now wish I could run on rooftops and throw rotten rice at people again… also, it would be awesome if they made another Tenchu.

  • Tim

    @Dave- Ah, that explains it. I just checked, and it was published by Microsoft studios, though they didn’t have anything to do with development, it seems. Still sucks that there’s no PC version.