Show #487: I Think I See a Demon on Your Head

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This show also known as: Ah shit, don’t stab me!

We have watched Ga-Rei Zero (for real this time!) and it sucks! Or, it’s that special kind of suck that masquerades as “mediocre” which you would do well to learn how to avoid! Also we talk about The Raid: Redemption and Yotsuba& towards the end.

The things you miss when Joel turns his mic off at the end of a recording: several minutes of discussing how every player in Dark Souls goes the wrong way when they start their first game.

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Only weird because they keep calling themselves sisters.

  • OtherSideofSky

    I’m not sure how meaningful it is to talk about the “relevancy” of Pocky in a Japanese show. It was a big deal with English-speaking anime fans for a while, but in Japan it’s just another snack food. I mean, it’s not like you can’t still buy multiple varieties of it at any convenience store in the country (the best are the ones that are just salted cracker sticks; they make perfect snacks when you’re drinking with friends and don’t want to bother with edamame).

  • Max

    You are behind the times, White! Sona got buffed recently and her global cooldown got dropped and her Q and passive got some quality of buffs, and she’s been really good since. She actually got banned at the PAX regional tournament, which is a super rare for a support that isn’t Blitzcrank or Alistar.

  • The Joel

    Screw Sona. Leona 4 LYFE!