Show #486: I Love You, Blop!

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This show also known as: You don’t LOOK like you drink Coke Zero.

IN THIS PODCAST: We try to discover the secret of what is an Amoroso roll?

Also, we spend a ton of time talking about Dust, with a couple minute 13 Assassins discussion at the end.

The things you miss when Joel turns his mic off at the end of a recording: hug pillow open-carry license, insane people walking around with semi-automatic weapons that appear to be automatic then when the cops stop them (presumably at gunpoint) they’re like “what, this is semi-automatic and legal,” because they are crazy holy shit.

Music Selection: (look at dat body)

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  • Despite a strong start, I didn’t fully enjoy 13 Assassins. I guess it did lean more toward ‘normal’ which is the surprisingly accessible Audition, than something horrid and offensive like Shinjuku Triad Society

  • Konner

    Those bulls WERE on fire. If it had anything worth remembering besides the psycho lord: it had bulls on fire.

  • Man With No Voice

    Flaming Bulls is the main reason to see that movie