Let’s Play: Descent (class selection!)

The voting is still going hot and heavy! It could still be any classes’ game!

Word on the street is that the game is a little unbalanced for two heroes vs. the overlord. Might have to go with three…

I’ve narrowed down each class to three choices. Since you guys PROBABLY haven’t read the rules, I’ll try to break down each character’s best attributes (as I understand them, I’m still a novice too!) Don’t worry about the rules, just go with your gut! Click any of the pictures for a better view (apologize for blurriness, I took them with my phone).


Truthseer Kel‘s most obvious benefit is that she doesn’t require line of sight to attack. That’s pretty good! And can cut down on wasted actions on movement, where each character gets two actions in a turn that can mean two attacks instead of an attack and a move.

Widow Tarha’s ability to reroll an attack die per round can cut a crucial miss out of the equation, or just make her get a bit more punch.

Lyssa is a little more defensive, which is nice because, statistically, I am prone to rolling “0”s on defense dice. Also, she’s got great move and great stamina, so her poisitioning and special abilities should kick ass.

After choosing a character, we have to choose a sub-class. For Wizards, Runemasters focus on AoE damage and debuffs, Necromancers have a skeleton bro and most of their abilities revolve around powering him up.

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Lord Hawthorne’s passive gives him “reach” which means he can attack from two squares away. Pretty good! He also gets a free attack and move each dungeon, which is a low-key, but pretty powerful ability!

Varikas the Dead is a living skeleton or something and, as such, recovers some fatigue each turn, and can resurrect at full health once per dungeon. Hero death in Descent isn’t final (they can get back up), but it’s inconvenient, and heroes who get back up don’t get up at full health.

Nanok of the Blade has substantially better defense (he rolls the top-tier black defensive die instead of the mid-tier grey one), gets stronger attacks when unarmored, and can ignore one attack per dungeon. Dayum!

Warriors split into Knights and Berserkers, whose purposes I assume are fairly obvious.

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Laurel of the Bloodwood isn’t going to blow you away, but a passive +1 damage on (most) ranged attacks is pretty sweet! Getting a free hit once per encounter is okay, but not crazy powerful.

Silhouette is a personal favorite, because her once-per-dungeon ability allows her to scavenge search tokens as she pleases and search tokens are the primary way heroes get money. Also, her “do 1 damage even when you miss” is a nice consolation prize

Vyrah the Falconer gets a falcon pet! Mostly, the falcon allows him to weaken one enemy per turn, but once per dungeon he can use a stronger-than-average falcon attack on whomever he wants.

Rogues can be Thieves, who focus on stealth and search tokens, and Wildlanders, who are pretty much just rangers.

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Avric Albright is your usual cleric stereotype. He’s got a not-so-great passive that can heal his pals for tiny amounts, and he’s a got a decent one-time power that heals everyone near him for a decent amount. Plus, he’s got a lot of health for a non-warrior!

Okaluk and Rakash has a wolf! I don’t even know which is Okaluk and which is Rakash! Who cares! They’re not durable, and they don’t have a lot of fatigue, but they can move like crazy!

Ashrian doesn’t have a wolf, but her passive of stunning any monster she starts adjacent to is pretty crazy. If you can keep her alive, every monster near her gets one less action per turn!

Clerics grow up to be Disciples, who are pretty standard holy-types who have maces and shields and focus on buffing their one healing spell to crazy heights, or Spiritspeakers, who are more diverse in their buffs and heals, but nowhere near as good at spot healers.

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So think it over! Or don’t and just pick the one that looks the coolest, because that is what I would do! I reverse the right to slightly modify choices based on party composition, but I’ll try my best to stick to most of ’em!