Show #485: Bombard Them With Whales

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This show also known as: There’s always cosplay judging.

Our primary focus is Deadlight (ENDING SPOILERS IN THE FIRST SECOND WE TALK ABOUT DEADLIGHT), but in actuality we want this podcast to be about GANGNAM STYLE.

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My favorite part about Gangnam style is that there’s a place in the world of hip-hop for a pansexual, agendered person to become a mega superstar.

  • Nice Podcast! I thought your review on ANN was pretty ballin’, Dave. I think people that love them some Kingdom Hearts calling other peoples writing pretentious is a little silly. ‘Cause if there is one thing Kingdom Hearts is realllly trying to do is be hella pretentious in its cokey ‘my heart is filled with darkness’ kinda way. Also really looking foreword to playing PA4.

  • Cooper

    I remember years ago talking to a friend about the first Kingdom Hearts and telling him how much fun it was but having no idea what to tell him when he asked about the story/plot.

  • Thanks for your support! I’m not really worried about blowback or pretension or whatever. I should be used to it, but the initial reaction is always a -tiny- bit irritating. Doesn’t ruin my day or nothin’.

  • MartynEm

    Sort Of Game Developer Here:

    Voice recording in games is usually always done right at the end of the schedule, when everyone is working crazy hours and barely conscious, it usually requires resources outside of the studio (actors, a recording studio) and as such is done as quickly as possible and under great time restraints. I’ve personally worked on games that have errors in the final recorded dialogue that have made the retail release simply because the voice actor was like “it’s 17:30, I’m going home” and the studio manager was like “it’s 17:30, you guys are outta here”.

  • Thanks for the insight!