Show #484: AWOxFastKarate II: Battle of the New Tokyo Masters

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This show also known as: No Baby Could Make That Shot.

Better watch out Otakon/The Sheraton conference room, because this podcast is WAY TOO POWERFUL FOR YOU. Daryl, Joel, and I tear the roof off this anime game. When we’re done there ain’t gonna be nothin’ left. Cover your ears and close your eyes: it’s time for Crying Freeman: Portrait of a Killer. And, thanks to Daryl, Fast Karate gains its first ever in-sync clap. A DAY OF MEMORIES, NEW AND OLD.
(plus a very special message for a very special shirt-man. all those that bought shirts at Otakon, thanks to you too! And I’ll have you covered next time)

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Daryl’s moment of power.

  • This episode was awesome! Sounds like you guys had a good time at Otakon. It’s always fun to hear these kinds of episodes.

    A baby couldn’t be getting his diaper changed and make that shot! There is just no way!

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    No surprise that Avatar team didn’t show up… They didn’t even finish the show right. Dave, Joel it end with the bad guys riding off into the sunset and blowing themselves up!

    IT WAS STUPID! The avatar thinks it still going to be a second season but how!? When the bad guys Kill themselves in Golgo style.

    You know the Episode with EVA in Golgo 13 same ending but with more fire.

  • The bad GUYS didn’t blow themselves up. The less evil brother mercy killed his brother because he was still up to no good.

    “Good guys save the day, hurray!” How many times are you going to watch that.

    I’m not saying it was a brilliant finale, but not for one second would I guess that the villain wasn’t coming back for season 2.

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  • Hairy Fishnuts

    Flying Semen…i died. Nice job.