Show #483: Bury Me With My Afro

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This show also known as: Grandma Used To Be Big

Joel displays a considerable prudence and a magnanimous sagacity in soliciting twitter questions so we can avoid talking about Iron Virgin Jun for as long as possible.
(okay but seriously I want a Hello Kitty M. Bison)

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The patron saint of Fast Karate

  • OtherSideofSky

    Hey, as the person who translated the Iron Virgin Jun manga (and the person who is currently translating Black Lion, which you need to read and talk about because the first page is a fight between a cave man and a giant flying woolly mammoth), the anime you are describing does not sound very much like it, although they appear to share pretty much the same initial premise. Honestly, though, I never really cared for Nagai’s comedy works. Drama and horror are the things he really excelled at. Nagai adaptations are very rarely faithful to his original work (the Devilman OAVs are an exception, but they end less than halfway through, before anything really interesting happens), so it would be wise not to condemn him before reading some of his more significant manga.

    Rest assured, Getter Robo made far more money than Iron Virgin Jun and this has always been the case. Please be advised that Go Nagai did not write Getter Robo, although he has an original concept credit on all of it. The Getter Robo manga is written by Go Nagai’s partner in crime, Ken Ishikawa, who died before completing the Getter saga (Getter Robo Arc ends incomplete), and is also responsible for such brilliant gems of sequential storytelling as Yagyuu Juubei Dies (based on a Fuutarou Yamada novel in the same series that gave us both the inspiration for Ninja Scroll and the source material for Ninja Resurrection).

  • OtherSideofSky

    Also, it was called the Tequilla Gundam in Japan. I just thought you might appreciate that (I believe you once said that they would never have included a Zulu warrior gundam because it would be to racist. They did, it had robot zebra heads for shoulders, and there really wasn’t anything objectionable in the portrayal of his pilot because he had like two lines and no character beyond “honorable veteran warrior”).

  • I would really love to hear a whole episode about Mobile FIghter G Gundam. One of my favourite cartoons. I may be a minority opinion here but I think it may be one of the best if not THE best super robot show (even though it is a gundam show) maybe Gurren Lagaan or Getter Robo are a little more manly. But G Gundam has it where it counts in that the whole message of the show is basically ‘Men have to communicate with their fists first then they can talk powerful words of manly man feelings’.

    PS: Grizzly Gundam Represent!

  • Color me shocked that Dave liked The Dark Knight Rises, and liked it a lot. I just keep being unable to guess your tastes. I also liked it a lot, but as websites and fans have picked it apart, I’m dying to hear if the Nolans address any of these issues, because there are some very valid points.

    Iron Virgin Jun has a sweet ass.

  • What’s up with this Ajay character, by the way? It sounds like one day this dude’s going to get taken away, a la 30 Rock or Seinfeld, because his friends just throw him under the bus.

  • Wow… Along with Joe Pantoliano saying “Don’t want to remember nothing, you hear me, Nothing,” that line is my favorite non-line from The Matrix

  • I think BM Bendis used “Not like this” as a quote for Hawkeye for when he died in Avengers Disassembled. He got better, eventually.

    My favorite line is “Did you ever eat Tasty Wheat?”

  • Truly, a movie memorable solely for its candid dialogue