Show #481: Spectacle Ops ft. Graziella

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This show also known as: The Super Serious and Not Funny Episode

In this non-traditional episode Graz and I go out to dinner and have a conversation about Spec Ops: The Line,

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  • I think this is a pretty sweet episode. It’s real life man!

  • beatbandito

    How could you not get the bacon?

  • I was trying to be a regular fat person not an EXTRA fat person. :(

  • Do you guys think this will be a continuing feature, or are we gonna have to wait for another game like this to come along and inspire you (might be a long wait)

  • It’s not impossible we’ll do more in the future! But you’re right: we’d need to be inspired by the right game.

  • Black Ops 2

  • I hope this becomes a thing. I never played Spec Ops yet my interest was held. Maybe “Dave and Graz have Dinner” should be a new segment of the podcast?

  • lospass

    I thought the podcast was going to be about The Red Spectacles when I read the title, nope. It was pretty good, nonetheless

  • Red Spectacles would’ve been interesting for sure but they were out to dinner afterall, and it would’ve been rude if they accidentally fell asleep in the restaurant because they were talking about Mamoru Oshii……..

  • Fancy Deadpool

    I liked the episode, it was a good change of pace like the Book Club or the Atomic Trivia War guest stars. I still like my Dave and Joel but I would like more of this on occasion. It’s sort of like Dinner for 5. But more karate. Which is also fast. And for the gentleman.


    I like this episode you should do a Golgo 13 outside or maybe 24, along with boardlands 2 and do some crazy shit.

  • Eustace

    Completely agree with everyone else saying this was a nice change of pace.

    I knew absolutely nothing about SPOPS before this episode, but now I’m really looking forward to checking it out. So, thanks! Also, now I’m terrified of both normal wasps and tiny wasps. THANKS FOR THAT TOO, I GUESS.

  • slaadi

    Listened to this episode while actually working in an entomology lab identifying tiny wasps. Not quite as tiny as the ones you were discussing (they’re called Mymarids btw), but still pretty tiny. Good episode.

  • Chris Mishima

    I haven’t listened to the whole thing so I might be mistaken but you said “The Heart of Darkness” numerous times without a single Legacy of Kain joke. You shouldn’t podcast without Joel. Your humor is symbiotic.

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  • Loknar64

    Re-listening to this a year and a half later I thought I would comment on the executions in the game since you seemed unsure. Originally, I wasn’t executing at all after I made sure that the enemy wouldn’t get back up and shoot me. Then, after the switch to full US-soldiers-as-enemies, I executed a guy as a mercy killing and discovered a deep secret. Mechanically, executions always give you ammo for whatever gun you’re using and even extra grenades outside of the grenade boxes. So eventually I started executing guys because I knew it would give me more M4 ammo instead of AK-47 ammo and I was like, “yeeeeah this game is interesting.” The executions do indeed get more gruesome to the point of calling a dude a motherf***er as you shove your shotgun into his mouth, or grab his head and bash it against the pavement.