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Because we were too lazy to look up (or take recommendations) on what anime shows to watch, we just do a whole show about answering your emails from two years ago!

(spoiler alert: they’re mostly about food)

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  • Sven

    Lord Joelkaiser,
    I too am a white man who hates mayo, it is evil incarnate. I know a black chick who loves it though so maybe I just live in the nega-world.

  • Captain Genius

    Ok, for the Peanut Butter Marshmellow Fluff sandwich, you can totally add jam or jelly. Just as long as the fluff is sandwiched onto the jam or jelly Close it up and let it just set for a bit. The longer the better. The jelly starts to mingle it’s flavor with the fluff, and it becomes fantastic.

  • But how do you SPREAD it onto the jelly! You’re just moving jelly around and that is gross!

  • Captain Genius

    Hahahaha. I had written a step by step instruction guide in that first post, and deleted it because it made me sound like an asshole. So I’ll just go ahead and sound like one.
    Making a PB & J sandwich takes planning.
    You can’t just slap some shit on 2 pieces of bread and call it a sandwich.
    When I was a kid my mom would make them for me to take to school, but by the time lunch came around the jelly had soaked into the bread and the sandwich was all limp and gross. So when I got older and got a hankering for a PB and J after hating them for years, here’s what I did.
    This is the most important part.
    Put the PB on both sides of the bread.
    Put one side thick and the other side just thinly covering the other side. That thin side is the side for your jelly or jam. It insures that if you make one in the evening to take to work the next day or even in the morning, the jelly doesn’t get sucked into the bread. The jelly won’t spread as well as it would on just dry bread so you gotta use more and really spread that shit around. And if the jelly doesn’t break up and create an even coat just make sure that there is a layer of that jelly juice, liquid, slime, mung, whatever you wanna call it all over that side. There’s plenty of flavor in that stuff, maybe more than in the actual gelatin. ( Really makes you wanna make one now, doesn’t it?) On the other side, with the thick layer of PB, that’s where you put the fluff. It’s also gonna spread like the jelly, however it’s better than putting it onto straight bread, as that fluff just pulls bread with it as you smear it on. So be patient. Just take your time. Yeah it’s a simple ass sandwich, but I think the results are worth it. It’s much better if you wrap it up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge and take it to work the next day, cause that’s when the fluff acts like bread and absorbs the flavor of the jelly, this is why you want that thin layer of juice, it all goes into the fluff, or applebutter which I also use.

    I hope I didn’t come off as a dick in this. I know it’s a simple sandwich, even without the fluff, but there is right way and a wrong way to making Peanut Butter and Jelly.


    I love Lollipop Chainsaw It so great… I hope they make a second one.