Show #475: Well That Would Be A Jetpack…

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This show also known as: Cybernetic Eyebrow Enhancement.

Oh! There’s actually some serious Fez spoilers in this! So be careful! Also, obviously, Deus Ex DLC spoilers. We spoil the hell out of that.

Music Selection: Yeah, I used the music from the second boss fight just like I did on our last Deus Ex podcast big deal wanna fight about it?

This show is about:

Slowly unraveling the mystery.

  • Weston

    I got the sweetest takedown! I’m sneaking through the police station and through the vents I find a room with two cops. I take down the first one quietly so that his buddy who I assume just doesent care keeps reading his magazine. I creep up on him but he’s in a chair with his back to the wall. I’m at his left knee and he’s still just way into his hustler e- book. So I say screw it and hit the takedown. Jenson slithers from the fround up behind the chair in the four inches between it and the wall. Then in full duster and sunglasses VIOLANTLY CHOAKES HIM OUT LIKE A OLD WHOMAN WRESTLEING A PICKLE JAR!