Show #474: Ha-ha I’m A Baby Angler Oni

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This show also known as: We Need to Put Some Hydraulics On These Sharks.

Shuten Doji. You think it it’s gonna be normal at first but… actually what the hell am I saying. A girl gets kidnapped and has her body stolen in like the first fifteen minutes.

(I put that tapestry thing in on purpose, CALLBACKS)

Music Selection: No music. I saw the opportunity to end this old-school Fast Karate style.

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  • I’m not sure you can believe it, but Super MNC actually had worse menus in the beta than what you have now. I’ve put over 50 hours into that game and I still can’t reliably navigate the god damn character customization. It’s fun though, we should play sometime. My protip is that the annihilator activates every five minutes, and to watch the clock.

  • You know you guys have a lot of podcasts with the word “Baby” in the title of the episode, right? More like Fast Karate for the Baby, am I right? jk

    Awesome podcast guys!

    • This is working as intended!

      (I fully admit to prioritizing lines with the words “baby” in them when picking episode titles)