Show #472: Chainsaws Whenever I Want Them

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This show also known as: Fart it out.

Master of the Martial Hearts is about “girls fighting to eradicate each other’s clothing.” And also pretty much just about being fucked up and shitty. Also, we get into some internet real sex talk.

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Best animation in the whole series.

  • Eustace

    As a resident of Southern California for nearly 23 years, I can confidently say that In-N-Out is the only good thing we have contributed to the world.

  • Kro

    Isn’t that grab from Air Master? Hoping the ‘cast covers it. I really like that show…I mean the main character…the moe BS clique of friends makes me wanna do violence.

  • That is from Air Master, a show that only loses to Master of Martial Hears in one respect: it did not really have an ending. Martial Farts had an insane ending, so I guess I should just be happy that Air Master just decided to walk off into the sunset.

    The podcast on Air Master is already done– a long time ago. Hopefully it’s still up, so you can listen to it.

    I liked the supporting cast of Air master, and not all of them were moe. The female “love interest(?)” especially didn’t bother me at all. She made me wanna write slash fiction.

  • Alex

    I was born in California and while I do like me some In-N-Out, I find myself pining for a Tommy’s Cheeseburger and Chili fries.

  • Kro

    My bad. I meant to say that I hoped they explained the Air Master cap for the Martial Fearts ep. Anyways yeah I didn’t mean to say the entourage of Air Master was moe, just that I hated them. And yeah I seem to recall the AirM episode, had me saying “straight jacked” everytime I saw something cool in a dumb action flick/animu.

  • Joel mistaking Air Master for “Air Diver” is kind of funny, because the author of Air Master also has a manga called “81 Diver.” It’s just like Air Master only instead of street fighting it features Shogi, and is probably twice as ridiculous as a result.


    Master of the Martials Hearts is fuck up show really fuck up… IF want to see how a true battle end watch it.