Book Club #7: I Make the Pizza Hut Ninja Vanish

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This episode is also known as: You can’t get a handjob… well, I mean you can. Anywhere.

In this episode of the Fast Karate Book Club, Dave, Joel, and Jon tackle Jake Adelstein’s Tokyo Vice. The moral of this collection of stories: abandon your family, mourn for the sex industry and its patrons, and keep working overtime even if you have terminal cancer. It’s the feel-good book of the decade.

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Why do you taste so good?

  • Kamon

    Jake Adelstein was on the ANNCast about a year ago, did you guys listen to that? It was a pretty interesting show, although I kind of agree with Dave’s sentiment…how could all this stuff happen to one guy (and how is he still alive)?

    Also, the I Am a Japanese Schoolteacher blog started in the early 2000s. He moved to and is still doing updates, albeit rarely. He’s still there and has a wife and kid now.

  • AE

    You guys have some f the most interesting commentary on the most mundane topics. Love the podcast. Dave your voice is therapy to my ears. Joel your insights are refreshing.

  • Onomarchus

    Why is the file’s genre listed as Black Metal?

  • OgreSmash

    I’m currently on my ninth month in Japan, and I have spent time in numerous towns and cities including Sapporo, Nagasaki, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. The xenophobia and high level of nationalism (polite for the we’re-better-than-everyone-mentality)has not gone away.
    I’m a 6’3″ not-mexican-but-mexican-looking guy and I tend to be followed by security in pretty much every business I enter. No one would dare sit next to or across from me on a crowded train. I get stared at pretty much everywhere and I have even had the pleasure of passing through a rally supporting the deportation of all foreigners in Japan so the glory of the Edo period can be regained. The prejudice is alive and well. Fear not.
    The only exception to this is Tokyo. The high amount of tourism and business travelers seems to have acclimated the general populace to the presence of foreigners, and a lot of the residents speak very good, if not fluent English.