Show #471: Strangersaremoreimportantthanyou

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This show also known as: UH-KATAWA A-SHOUJO.

SUPER SPOILERS FOR Mass Effect 3! Also, I guess the internet is mad at me because I didn’t like Katawa Shoujo.

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  • some guy

    yo Dave, I think you were looking for this:

  • Max

    I don’t think Katawa Shoujo is quite as bad as you make it out to be, but the reaction you’re seeing is from dumb people who either love it too much to see its flaws. Or, more likely, have such a low baseline for quality that “pretty okay” seems amazing. The other four routes are very different but share some of the same flaws, although some are better paced and better written than others, since they’re all written by different people. However, I think it’s still enjoyable as essentially an airplane romance novel.

    The one thing that annoys me about the Mass Effect 3 ending stuff is that you can’t say it sucks without people grouping you in with the people who care too much. Also, for me the scene with the most impact was the death of Legion, since he was probably my favourite character.

  • Max Dunn

    Daryl Surat accused me of defending Katawa Shoujo so I had to post. Never played it, no idea how good/bad it is.

    Mass Effect 3 ending: The only characters that have any resolution are Thane, Mordin, and anyone else who dies. Everyone else is “After this is over let’s do something,” but that never happens. Also, plot holes, star kid from nowhere, why is Garrus hugging my gf, blah blah.

    Multiplayer: Make a krogan sentinel. Melee. Everything.

  • Christopher

    Dating Sim wise, I found one called “Hatoful Boyfriend” which casts the player as the only human girl at St. Pigeonation’s Acadamy, “Japan’s most splendid school of, by and for the Piegoen”.

    And then you have to decide which pigeon you want to date. The characters are represented by photographs of Pigeons.

    There’s not just tragic romance (Your childhood best friend can’t let himself fall in love with you, because Pigeons have a much shorter lifespan than humans so he’ll just die and break your heart) There’s also a worldwide conspiracy to kill off all the humans, a roaming serial killer bird, AND a ghost story!

    Somehow all that melodrama becomes a lot easier to take when it’s all pigeons.

  • some dude

    Not taking EDI on a mission is like not taking happiness on a mission.

  • G1ggl3Z0n3

    I just happened to look over at my friends screen today and saw this ?_?

    apparently /r/katawashoujo is not very happy about your review lol, but at least they are making fanart for ya. some of the posts are so laughably stupid that i feel it my duty to alert you to this (people being stupid on the internet, that never happens)