• Weston

    Gyaa! I put so much time into the psp version, now everyone is playing it on consoles. I got all my stats in my base up. I can’t go back to my tech guys makeing go-carts and potato guns…

  • I hear that. Can a player get a guy with more than Rank D in cooking? My troops need to eat.

  • Jack Johnson

    That girl in the video sounds hot.

  • Weston

    There’s up to S rank. Can’t remember where to find good ones. Have you found the “special” levels yet? There’s a ferryman on a beach if you backtrack in one of the early levels. He’ll take you to a island. Make Shure the cameras are running.

  • Al

    Box Tanks without borders.

  • AUGH. I knew I forgot to make a joke!

    Also, I know there are dinosaurs somewhere in this game. Are you talking about a dinosaur island?

  • Weston

    Damn, you allredy knew. Yeah, it’s a monster hunter tie in. There is thoh at the end of those missions a unique monster that may or maynot be a zombie dinosaur.